Michael Fassbender Took GQ For A Ride And You’re Coming, Too

It's no secret we love our share of man-candy here at R29. From wide-eyed Loki love to those boys we could never take home to our parental units, our dream BFF's run the gamut.
Then there's Michael Fassbender, a rare breed of actor with a grin as arousing as it is menacing. He'll play anything from the guy with superpowers to the guy completely hollowed by his own sex addiction. He's the leading man Hollywood has been waiting for; a fact that's just now coming to fruition. And, yet, despite his burgeoning fame, Fassbender is very much an enigma. Even his GQ cover interview plays out like one big foreplay session with no climax at the end. But, that's the allure of Michael Fassbender.
"David Cronenberg said it annoyed him that I used to come to work happy all the time,” he explained to GQ's Zach Baron. Perhaps it's his ability to effortlessly play dark roles that makes his light-hearted, somewhat ephemeral day-to-day life so enticing. Why does he still live in the apartment he's had since his 20s? "Gold," he says. What's his longest relationship? "Two years." These short, off-hand, slightly cryptic responses add little brick-and-mortar to the world's perception of the actor. And, it's these very responses that force us to pay attention to the character of Michael Fassbender, the actor, the leading man. By not talking, he lets his choice of roles shape our perception of him. Although, to be honest, he could stop speaking all together and we wouldn't mind. Just let us keep looking, that's all we ask. (GQ)
The November issue of GQ hits stands October 22.

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