Netflix Could Be Coming To A TV Set Near You

netflix1Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The days of kicking back on your couch and binge-watching Orange Is the New Black are close at hand. If the buzz over Comcast offering Netflix with their various cable packages proves true, our laptops and desktops can finally go to sleep at night, instead of burning the midnight oil while we fall asleep, and our instant queue drones on.

According to Variety, Netflix is in the early stages of talks with Comcast and other cable companies to offer its streaming services through cable bundles. However, the
Wall Street Journal
reports that nothing is "imminent." What it ultimately comes down to is how much of a threat does Netflix pose to various cable companies. The company's CFO, David Wells, stated that it's up to individual distributors to "decide how much of a competitor we [Netflix] are or a complement." Here's to hoping companies will see the benefit of the latter.

Variety poses three distinct reasons why offering Netflix on the bill is a good thing. For one, it'd be good backup for when a show gets the axe; there would always be a TV show to fill the empty time slot. Broadband channels could see an increase in subscribers, and the line between streaming television and "live" programming would blur. These models have proved successful across the Atlantic, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before we can also enjoy life, liberty...and the pursuit of great TV. (Variety)

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