The Makeup Transformation That Blew 4,000 Minds

beforeafterPhoto: Via Povilas Staniulionis/Facebook.
We get a big kick out of the occasional Internet flare-ups that happen when someone posts a good ol' makeup before-and-after shot. But, it's been a long time since we've seen a flood of commentary like this one. Over at Reddit, more than 4,000 comments surround this photograph, captioned simply: "Make-up. That's it."
Well, we'd argue that there's a bit more than makeup (helloooooo, barrel curls) going on here. But, we're quibbling; the photo truly is a testament to the skills of Lithuania-based makeup artist Povilas Staniulionis, who must have a master's degree in contouring. Yes, it's a lot of look, but you've gotta admit, it's a remarkable transformation.
Much to our relief, the majority of Redditors are focusing not on whether the woman looks "better" with or without makeup. (Those debates always irk us.) We're happy about that — and we're hoping that someone has a lot of makeup remover on hand, because this woman's gonna need it. (Povilas Makeup; h/t Reddit)

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