BART Strike May Hit The Bay Area Monday! Eeks!

We'll never forget the commute catastrophe caused by the last unresolved BART strike back in July. We shudder just thinking about it! With $72 million lost and 400,000 people left stranded without a ride to work each day, it was by far one of the biggest transport meltdowns in Bay Area history. We are still lamenting the endless traffic jams!
And, while the trains are up and running again, that doesn’t mean that will be the case for much longer. According to SF Gate, the 60-day cooling period reached its cap today but officials extended the debate through the weekend. Phew! What does that mean for riders? Come midnight on Sunday, you may or may not have a BART lift. If negotiations fail to reach a deal between union works and BART officials, well, we all might be SOL come Monday. Um, who wants to carpool? In the meantime, let's lighten the blow by looking at hotties on BART shall we?
openerPhoto: Via SF Gate