Trainspotting! 22 Stylish Snaps From The BART And MUNI

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on October 25.]
Ask anyone about his or her experience with public transportation and you’ll likely be met with many, many opinions. But, one thing everyone will agree on is that there’s never a shortage of entertainment on the buses and trains as they hustle underground to FiDi, up and over to Hayes Valley, and back and forth to the East Bay.
And whether or not voyeurism is your thing, it’s a bona fide fact that people-watching on the BART and MUNI never gets old. That’s why we hit the scene to capture some commuter candids that are truly off the rails. The result? Plenty of stellar snaps that show off the Bay Area's cutest travelers in action. Get ready for a heavy dose of trainspotting, right here. Who knows, we might have even caught you en route!
Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile

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