Sick Of The Shutdown? Drunk Dial Congress To Vent

ddcongressPhoto: Via Drunk Dial Congress.
If you're still feeling steamed about the government shutdown, we feel you. But, as we enter the tenth day of congressional infighting and functional torpor, to whom can you complain? Surely your office lunchroom is sick of arguing over proposals of questionable value to raise the debt-ceiling, but not to reopen shuttered government offices. Hand-wringing will get you nowhere. Well, thanks to a new site, you could always get stupid-drunk and yell at a member of Congress.
Just enter your number over at Drunk Dial Congress and wait for the call. Soon, you'll be connected to a random member of Congress (hopefully after you've had a highball — or five). Suggested talking points include, "Why veterans should get funding" and, "What the hell happened to the panda cam?"
Hold the line — there could be a downside to all this. You might only get the receptionist. Because, who has time to idle and answer the phone when all our fine Senators and Representatives are busy at the gym? (Daily Intelligencer)

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