Malala Chats With Jon Stewart, Utterly Amazes Him (& Us)

We've already documented our admiration for Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai — at 16, she's the youngest-ever nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize, and works tirelessly to raise awareness of how the Taliban has impacted women's lives in Pakistan. When she appeared on
The Daily Show
earlier this week, her chat with host Jon Stewart simultaneously brought us to tears and made us giggle. During the segment, Yousafzai paints a grim picture of how drastically life has changed for women in her country and gives an incredibly thoughtful, articulate response when Stewart questions her about her love for education. The real jaw-dropper comes when she talks about how she would respond if she was face-to-face with a terrorist, leaving the famously snarky host in stunned silence. (Hint: It doesn't involve violence.) Our favorite moment, though, is at the very beginning of the segment: Malala says she's honored to be on the show, to which Stewart replies, "It's an honor for us. I know me," and gets a shy laugh in response. Stewart then tugs at our heartstrings with this: "Nothing feels better than making you laugh." Annnnd, cue the waterworks! (Huffington Post)

Watch the Daily Show segment here:

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