Find Out What Your Nails REALLY Need

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For all the time (and love) we put into our nails, precious few of us end up with hand model-worthy paws. Whether they're full of ridges, appear to not grow, or are framed by peeling cuticles that won't quit, everyone has their own set of nail woes. It makes shopping for the right fixes far from a one-size-fits-all situation. And, while there's no such thing as a mani doctor (right?), this new feature from CND comes pretty close. It's like one of those personality quizzes you take in a magazine because you're bored... only it's all about your nails, and really accurate.
From questions about nail type, nail issues, growth speed, and personal style, the goal of this quiz is to tell you exactly what your nails need and why. And, in case you're not sure which condition applies to you, there are actual photographic examples of each kind of nail. It's a little gross, but also super helpful to see.
The bottom line? Even those of us with the gnarliest of nail beds can, and should, have nails we feel proud of. Take the quiz and then let us know if you find this as exciting as we do.

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