Wig War: Tyra Is Angry

Tyra embedPhoto: Via Vogue.
Don't let the photo fool you: Tyra's angry, really angry—and it's down to wigs. Several wigmakers are in the habit of creating wigs that pay homage to Tyra's evolving 'dos and slapping her name on them—but now she's slapping back with a lawsuit. Painful, no?
Tyra is reportedly suing a total of 10 companies for using her using her trademarks, "name, photograph, image, and identity". Apparently Tyra is seeking an injunction to stop the sale of the products that borrow too heavily from her image, as well as the damages of $10 million. And she's using the array of arsenal at her disposal to get her point across This includes her ridiculously detailed IMDB profile, which her lawyers are reportedly using as Exhibit A in the case to show just how much her trademark is worth.
According to TMZ, there is currently a plethora of offending Tyra-inspired wigs out there, including the Yaki straight [Tyra Banks-style] hair wig, the Tyra Banks lace wig, and the Tyra Banks-inspired human hair wig (not Tyra's own hair, presumably).

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