Travel Etiquette Tips… From The Chinese Government

Travelling abroad is exciting and stressful in equal parts. The concern around losing one’s passport at an inopportune time is balanced by the sheer exhilaration of being in a foreign country and experiencing all the fascinating cultures and customs that go with it. Still, there are times when one’s own personal cultural references don't quite jive with those of the place one finds oneself in.
This is pretty neatly illustrated by the Chinese Government’s recent 64-page guide for its citizens on how to behave abroad. The fairly exhaustive guide runs the gamut of scenarios and suggested behaviours; from remembering your P's and Q's, to not queue jumping, and how photobombing your fellow tourist's shot is a no-no.
Yep, it’s a fairly universal guide for behaving in a way that isn’t going to offend or annoy anyone around you. In fact, we’d go to so far as to say that a large portion of the London community could do with reading the guidelines. Especially the ones on this writer’s morning commute. (CNN International)

Photo: Via CNN International.


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