Does Feminism Need To Be Rebranded? Elle U.K. Says Yes

What does "feminism" mean to you? It's not a trick question. And it shouldn't be a tricky one, either. But, for better or worse, for many women (and men) today, that is a word that confuses as much as it inspires.

That is why we are grateful that the November issue of
Elle U.K.
addresses this hot potato of a topic — with its Feminism Rebranded initiative. The magazine partnered three feminist groups with some of the world's most creative ad agencies to work on a campaign that would address some of the stereotypes associated with feminism.
Feminist Times
, The Vagenda, and Jinan Younis were the visionary groups in question, working with Widen + Kennedy, Brave, and Mother to make this happen.

The Vagenda team addressed the topic: "I'm a woman and…" to highlight the gender stereotypes that continue to exist, to this day. Meanwhile, feminist campaigner Jinan Younis developed "feminism for everyone," the concept that acts as a counterpoint to the frankly shocking statistic raised in a recent Netmums survey that six out of seven women don't consider themselves to be feminists. And finally, the newly launched Feminist Times worked on the concept of "make them pay…" as it is still the case that British women earn 15% less than their male counterparts, and there is no sign of this gap diminishing till 2057.
Each team created a nifty and thought provoking poster to highlight their key points, and clarify the importance of the feminist message. For a closer look, be sure to snap up Elle U.K. when it goes on sale this Wednesday, as the conversation will continue within the magazine, as well as online. Want to join in one the conversation? Use #ELLEfeminism to let them and us know how you really feel.

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