Rihanna's Curls Rule On Glamour's November Cover

Here's the thing with Rihanna: She could wear a brown bag as a top (maybe even two and make herself some cap sleeves) and she would still look on point. It's not the clothes that make the star, after all, it's the unflappable attitude.
Take the latest November Glamour cover. In our wildest dreams, we'd walk into the hair salon asking for a perm, expecting to leave with Rihanna-like curls only to resemble pre-makeover Tai from Clueless. It's an unfortunate reality we've got to get over, and printing out RiRi's cover to tape by our desks won't help. She just looks so fearless with the short, dark crop and all-black ensemble that not honoring it would do it an injustice. The curls were also such a brief (wonderful) moment in the Rihanna hair saga, that keeping its memory fresh in the wake of her mullet seems appropriate — creepy or not. (Just Jared)
rihanna12Image: via Just Jared.

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