This Is What 1.2 Billion Facebook Users Looks Like

facesfacebookPhoto: Via Faces of Facebook.
Today, you can stop any and all complaints you have about technology, at least for a few minutes. Take a moment and thank your computer. Without it, we would not know what 1.2 billion looks like. Just take that in for a second. Yes, we've been able to represent the number abstractly, conjure just what it might look like for several millennia. But without computer technology, we could not represent every individual unit within it, visibly but compactly, right in front of our faces.
Designer Natalia Rojas has done exactly that with her project The Faces of Facebook. She's composited a single image out of the photos of Facebook's 1,262,000,000 users. Arranged by date of signup — which, naturally, puts Zuck toward the beginning — the interactive image looks like a pixel array at first glance. But click on a section of the array and you're able to zoom in on individual profile photos. Rojas claims she's not breaking any of Facebook's privacy agreements because there is no other personal data attached to the project.
Let us know if you can find yourself. (TheNextWeb)

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