Einstein, Chanel, & Jobs—In Dog Form

As you may have noticed, we're proud to have some pretty amazing photographers lending their skills to R29. So, when we heard regular contributor Winnie Au was working on a book, we were excited. And, when we heard it was a book that dressed dogs up as famous people throughout history? We nearly lost it.
Canine Chronicles is a group project by Au and her two sisters, Cindy and Alice, which reimagines some of history's more recognizable faces as their furry counterparts. Think Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Charlie Chaplin — these aren't actually their pups, but they might as well be. And, we have to admit that while Menswear Dog is #1 in our hearts, these cuties are seriously threatening that position. Perhaps they can all get together for a historical documentary on dog fashions through the ages?
You can purchase individual prints and the first limited-edition run of Canine Chronicles here.

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