Key To Happiness Is Being A Woman. Obviously.

We KNEW it! The secret to being happy resides in being a woman, and not just because we say so. A new report from the Office for National Statistics surveyed levels of happiness in the U.K. and, more importantly, investigated exactly which factors most contribute to our happiness. And guess what they found? Surprise klaxon alert: If you want to be happy, you might have a leg-up as a woman.
It turns out that men are significantly less likely to claim they have found the right balance between their social and working life than women. Though it has to be said that it is the populace who class themselves as "voluntary sector employees" and or "part-time workers" that claim to feel they have the work-life balance right. Both are work prospects that sadly aren't viable options for most of us.
But still, the findings around what’s making us so happy are pretty interesting. Besides getting that work-life ratio right, we’re happiest hanging with friends and family, as well as getting away from it all, as holidays are more in demand than ever. Staycations, be gone.
But, guess what’s not on our happiness to-do list? Sport. Lower proportions of women than men report participating in sport this year, finally putting those rumours to rest that organised sport will make you happier. So, if you didn’t have an excuse to put your feet up and watch Downton before, you do now. (The Telegraph)
Photo: via The Telegraph.

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