Everything’s Coming Up Chipmunk: Cheek Plumping

According to The New York Times, there's a new trend sweeping the faces of ladies 'round the nation. Actually, maybe sweeping isn't the right word — plumping is more accurate. As the Times reports, "Round, plump cheeks look young. Saggy, sunken ones look old. Increasingly, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are turning their attention from smoothing out wrinkles to increasing volume." When we think of things that need increased volume, we generally think of our hair or even our eyelashes. But, our cheeks? Sounds like chipmunk central.
Apparently, dermatologists were finding that simply filling in women's wrinkles wasn't making them look younger — it was just making them look like they didn't have wrinkles. In our humble opinion, there's nothing wrong with looking one's age (with or without the fine lines). But, for many, that's simply not the goal.
So, why do fuller cheeks signify youthfulness? As the article explains, as we age, our faces "deflate." That's gravity for you — the fullness gradually sags from our cheeks to our jaws. Joy. The procedure involves injecting cheeks with filler, which costs around $1,200 to $1,600 and lasts for about a year.

Is it worth it? We're not judging, as this is a safe space for beauty decisions. We just have to wonder how realistic it would look for a 45-year-old woman to have the round cheeks of a 20-year-old. Faces that become more defined with age are gorgeous; we love a sharp, grown-up cheekbone. Here's to hoping the natural beauty of the aging process doesn't go out of style.
(The New York Times

cheek openerPhoto: Via The New York Times.
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