Divergent Will Not Be The New Hunger Games, According To This Trailer

We told you the hype surrounding Divergent was only going to build, and boy were we right. The first trailer for the adapted series seemed like a questionable Hunger Games spin-off, but that theory has been lampooned by the newest mini-featurette, one that introduces (or reintroduces, depending on your reading tastes) the dystopia that is Divergent, out in theaters March 21.
Veronica Roth, the author behind the YA book series, has created an alternate universe that's not so much futuristic as it is just set in the future. There are no hover crafts, lightning speed trains, or gnarly life-or-death competitions. Life, it seems, is the ultimate game, and your pawn piece is determined by your personality; those who can't be pinned down are considered "divergents" and exterminated. In other words, imagine if the government organized people by their zodiac sign; those who fell on the cusp between two signs would be considered the divergents.
Shailene Woodley plays Tris Prior, a teen that falls on the cusp, and someone Kate Winslet's character, Jeanine Matthews, is fiending to destroy. The utopia Jeanine seeks to create is shaken by the likes of Tris, and that's as far as this 60-second preview gets. But, from what we can gather, the movie event of 2014 has been secured.

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