How Hardcore Is This Urban Outfitters Punk Rock Jacket?

Here's a jacket being currently being offered by Urban Outfitters. It retails for $375. It is described as a "crazy awesome vintage moto leather jacket from the 1990s." It is, allegedly, one of a kind. And it also features, in the words of Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds, the "almost logos" of The Clash, G.B.H., Sex Pistols and Crass. Once again, this jacket costs $375.
Well, some people don't think that's very punk at all. In fact, the Internet has taken to this jacket Tuscan Milk-style. Here are a few choice reviews from the Urban Outfitters shop page:
-"When i put this jacket on my Easter gift list, i was keeping it punk as all get out. I wear it to school every day, even though mom has a strict dress code, lol."
-"NEVER has anarchy been so easy to buy, or easy to sell in such a convenient, white-washed form!"
-"The jacket is so neat. I bet the person who made it was an A+ student. The perfect handwriting on this garment has really helped me to get in touch with my punk side. Rebel! Be neat! Smash the system!"
"Represents true punk spirit. Well worth the money to be part of the proud history of people like Johnny Vicious."
urbanoutfitterspunkPhoto: Via Dangerous Minds.

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