Now, Even James Franco Has Caught The Twerking Bug

James Franco is a serious artist, you guys. Not only does he create endless masterpieces, but he is also one of the most educated (overeducated?) stars in Hollywood. But, as it turns out, even MFA candidates can't be serious all the time. At least, they're not immune to the Twerkmania that's been taking over pop culture the world. Blame it on Miley (or Robin Thicke), but Franco's caught the twerking bug, big time.
In a new clip posted to his Instagram account, the multi-hyphenate showed off his own take on the dance move. Dressed in Mumford & Sons-inspired garb, Franco joined teen actress Joey King for a little, shall we say, dance off. We're not going to call it sexy, but this will certainly give you a few laughs. Our crack reporting skills tell us the video was something of an amateur trailer for Franco's new flick The Sound and the Fury (which King is also a part of), but we're sure this isn't the last we'll be seeing of the actor's twerk-style.

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