Wifey, Bish, Or Boo? Meet The NEW Celebrity Power Duos

fto_SWKauMqF8kGtsLV6T5ddhGKxoe_8hJrhupFgzqYPhoto: Rex USA/Rex.

Still calling your buddies ‘babez’? It might be time to upgrade your BFF dictionary to include a wifey, bish, or boo, according to an article in the
The Evening Standard.

Ever since Rita Ora labelled Cara Delevingne her "wifey" earlier this year, superstar power duos have been popping up at festivals, fashion weeks, and parties galore attached at the hip, issuing various nicknames for themselves. For instance, the most famous "boo-ing" to have occurred since Nelly and Kelly’s Dilemma: Katy Perry referring to Rihanna as her "boo." If both those monikers are a little too noughties for you though, then get ready to try out the newest girl-gang slang to join the pack: The "bish." Turning up almost a million hits on Instagram, Urban Dictionary explains it’s “short for bitch but used in a playful sort of way. Not intended to be hurtful and often used between friends.” We’ll stick to pal for now, thanks. But go ahead, share your own nicknames — and obviously let us know if you're already using any of the above. (The Evening Standard)

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