How 1 Month Of Sobriety Transformed This Woman’s Skin

SobrietyIllustrated by Gabriela Alford.
When it comes to drinking, we live by an "everything in moderation" code — but this article in the Daily Mail is making us reconsider our occasional, end-of-a-long-day glass of wine. A woman who usually consumes five glasses of wine per week quit cold turkey, and the effect that it had on the appearance of her skin is literally breathtaking.
Whereas the original photo of her face shows redness, puffiness, and dryness, the final image — after a month of no alcohol — shows a woman with enviably clear skin. And, that's not all: She looks younger. Way younger. And perkier. It makes sense — she reported that she found herself sleeping much better after giving up booze, and making healthier food choices.
Interestingly, as the Daily Mail points out, five glasses of wine per week is just one unit above the U.K.'s recommended guidelines for women; it's not like she was drinking to excess. So, do we have to choose between our skin and our vino? We'll have to look into it more before we make a definite decision, but this evidence is pretty convincing on its own. You should head on over and check out the before and after photos, and let us know what you think about drinking and your skin. Do you notice the difference it makes? (Daily Mail)

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