A Terrifying English Clown Becomes A Viral Sensation

Today, we sign off with what might be the creepiest imagery to surface on the web this month. Read on at your peril. If you're caulrophobic (scared of clowns), we suggest you proceed with special caution.
In the fair town of Northampton, England, something sinister walks among mortals after dark. (Peak below if you dare.) Is that Pennywise? Nope, just a mystery admirer. Already one of Twitter's biggest stars of the week, #northamptonclown's identity remains unknown for now, though BuzzFeed among others are trying to change that. They even have a map where he's been spotted in the past 24 hours. (He only comes out at night, of course).
He is just a lonely clown. He just wants to be "spotted." Now the world is his, and he's scared the bejeezus out of it. But, he is not here to traumatize anyone, he says on his Facebook. Yes, of course, he already has a Facebook—with 86,327 likes (okay, we just made it 86,328.) [Buzzfeed]

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