Will & Kate Support The Arts In An Adorable Way

When you're the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you get a lot of perks. There are multiple estates, household staff, killer wardrobes, and, you know, the admiration of millions. Of course, with said admiration comes many, many gifts. Fans from Great Britain (and everywhere else) are constantly trying to shower the royal couple with swag. And, normally, Will and Kate have a policy of polite refusal. Take their 2011 wedding, for example — the couple asked well-wishers to donate money to charities in lieu of sending gifts, and they gave a whopping $1.6 million to different organizations after the nuptials.
So, basically, if the Duke and Duchess accept a gift from you (as a non-royal), you know you've made it big. And, their most recent acceptance is giving us a huge smile — even on a TGIF! Tazia Fawley, a British artist with Down syndrome, recently spent over six months perfecting a painting of children's classic Rupert The Bear for Will and Kate (and baby George, too!), in the hope that they would display it in their home. A photo of the artwork was sent to the Palace to see if the royal couple would be interested, and to Fawley's surprise, they gladly accepted. Fawley even received an enthusiastic note from the couple.
It may seem like a small step for the Duke and Duchess, but earning their praises on art — or any gift, really — is thought of as quite an honor in the royal watching community. And, the artist's mother hopes the story will encourage others with Down syndrome to pursue their dreams as well. We're saying a major thank you to Will and Kate, and the artist herself, for bringing this heartwarming story to light. (Huffington Post)
oPhoto: Via Huffington Post

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