Block Miley Cyrus Once And For All With ‘No Cyrus’ Plugin

Do you tire of the seemingly endless coverage of Ms. Miley Cyrus, her even more bottomless collection of hot pants, and her ongoing attempts to master the art of twerking? If not, stop reading now. But if so, know that it gets better. And that's all thanks to a developer named Chris Horris, who has created a Google Chrome plug-in that removes almost all of the Cyrusverse from your newsfeed. After scanning a given site, No Cyrus censors "all mentions of Miley Cyrus, twerking and her other ridiculous words," replacing them with hash signs instead. Alas, the plug-in, which you can download here, does not yet have the capability to employ facial recognition to block out all appearances by Miley just yet. But wait. Just wait.
Of course, in order to report on this plug-in we've had to effectively censor this very post itself, which sent us into a Twilight Zone spiral of alternating Miley and non-Miley realities. As such, we can't even see this story anymore. In any event, sorry, Miley.

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