Julianne Moore & Her Daughter Are Literally Making Our Day

openerPhoto: Getty Images
While Julianne Moore may augment the hues in her incredible hair, it's obvious: Her red hair is certainly in the genes. So is the peaches-and-cream skin, plus the ability to approach the camera with such candor. In fact, looking at photos of Moore's daughter, who sat front row with her pretty mama at Reed Krakoff, perhaps so much of Julianne Moore's awesomeness is genetic. (Or, more probably, being an awesome human being often means you have equal offspring. Either way, just look at the two of them. Just look at them. Holy moly.)

The notion that a mother and daughter resemble one another isn't groundbreaking, but having such specifically gorgeous, English Rose features is quite a treat to check out. Also, we find ourselves wanting to sit in between Moore and her daughter Liv Freundlich in order to braid their hair together,
and then place it atop of our heads as a gorgeous crown. (Is that us? That can't be just us.) Who doesn't want to be a Moore?

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