Amazing: Watch This Little Girl Age 70 Years In 5 Minutes

Ever wonder what you'll look like as you age? One lucky woman got a glimpse into her facial future thanks to friend and filmmaker Anthony Cerniello. Last year, the woman in this video — the titular Danielle — invited Cerniello to join her at her family reunion. As Colossal reports, Cerniello and photographer Keith Sirchio shot photos of Danielle's relatives, from the youngest to the oldest, to create the forward-looking video.
A whole lot of photo editing later, Cerniello had whittled the pictures down to family members with similar bone structure. From there, animators worked some post-production magic to transform the photos into this "time-lapse" video you see here. While this isn't Danielle herself, it's a remarkable representation of how she may look as she ages. Head over to Colossal for more on the process, and tell us: Would you be down to see what you'll look like 50 years from now? Or would you rather be surprised? (Colossal)
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