Tyra Banks Is Completely Unrecognizable As Cara, Kate, & Cindy

Tyra Banks is, to borrow a word, fierce. Not just because she can smize one minute and have you in tears the next, but because she is genuinely a pretty great model. With all the ANTM and talk show business, we sometimes forget the raw talent that made her famous in the first place (though we'll never forget her good looks, which seem to improve daily). But, recently she proved her powers of transformation with three very surprising photos released on Twitter. In one of the crazier photoshoots we've ever seen, Banks got made up as Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss for an exhibition photographed by Udo Spreitzenbarth. Of course, a major portion of the credit here goes to hairstylist Sher Rae Tucker and makeup artist Valente Frazier. Never underestimate the power of hair and makeup, folks. (Buzzfeed)
Here's Cara:
caratyraPhoto: Via @tyrabanks.
Tyra Tweeted that it took her a whopping four hours of hair and makeup to become "übermodel" Cara Delevingne. Hit the next page for Kate Moss...
Banks said she had to hide her "booty & boobies like a pro" to imitate Moss' waifish frame, and it looks like her eyebrows went through some serious stuff, too.
katetyraPhoto: Via @tyrabanks.
Last but not least, Tyra went through it all once more to become Cindy Crawford, "#fierce mole, hair, and all!" Banks says Crawford, eight years her senior, is her idol.
cindyPhoto: Via @tyrabanks.
It looks like these three images are just the tip of the iceberg, and we're excited to see more. One thing we're not so sure about? According to Spretzenbarth's website, these images are "raw, un-retouched." Not that we don't believe Tyra is beautiful or that the makeup and hair pros on site weren't entirely capable of magical things, but that just seems like a stretch. Then again, before this, we would've said that Tyra Banks pulling off a passable Cara D. costume was impossible, too.