Phillip Lim Teaches Us How To Throw The Best Party

phillip2Photo: REX USA.
Come this fall, everyone and their mother, brother, and grandmother will be sporting the much-hyped 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. The very big, very approachable collection is perfect for the office, and breezy enough to, say, twerk in (we know, we know we just can't stop). Although Lim won't be sending models down his runway Cyrus-style, it's not to say you can't try your hand at the move in the collection. "You have to do what's appropriate for your lifestyle," he says, and if that means twerking in Lim, then by all means, twerk in Lim.
Despite the grandiose lights, the bright art installation, and all the pretty people taking in his collection at last night's launch event, Lim was feeling bittersweet. The end of the process had arrived, and it's on to the next one. And, what's next might catch you off guard. His penchant for mixing workwear with nightwear, bold colors, and neutrals have been lauded over and coveted, but we learned there's nothing he won't try. As long as there's a fabulous hip-hop party, tequila, and no cell phones, he'll design almost anything.

There’s been this trend of womenswear leaning more towards the masculine, and menswear leaning more towards the feminine. What are your thoughts on these two directions?

“I always think about dandies and dandelions, the female form of dandies. I think that if it works for you, then work it. I personally love the merger of the two. It makes for one exciting adventure.”

Would you ever design, say, skirts for men?

“I never say never. I might surprise you soon.”

If you were to throw the best fashion week party, what would you do?

“There’d be a lot of hip-hop music, and even more tequila — a lot of tequila. Oh, and no cameras! I’d have a no-cell phone policy. Leave your coat on, but check your cell phone at the door.”

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