WATCH: Katy Perry’s “Roar” Music Video Is A Lesson In Survival

Katy Perry finally released her new music for "Roar." It's (literally) wild, catchy, and everything you'd expect from the audacious performer. Watch her play with a tiger, befriend a Ross-like monkey, and even pamper elephants with manis.
Come to think of it, this video is actually a brilliant lesson in survival (here, here for pop songs that can provide something). Katy Perry magically learns how to weave a grass skirt, and teaches us that random and suspicious-looking berries make for the best lip balm. Though we probably won't ever have to worry about an elephant creeping up on us in the shower, we know exactly how to defend ourselves if they do: stilettos. Yep, spiky heels aren't just a pain to walk in, they make great spears when attached to the end of a bamboo stick, too. The only thing that's still a mystery? The singer's impeccable beauty game: There were no fly-aways, mascara smears, or sweat beads in sight, because that's just how life goes for Katy Perry in her wonder jungle.

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