Samsung's Smartwatch Unveiled & Coming Soon!

What time is it? According to Samsung, it’s about that hour where the masses need to get a technologically advanced smartwatch! The Korean company has unveiled its digital wristwatch, an Android-powered gadget dubbed Galaxy Gear, that will have a plethora of nifty features so that the world can get its secret-agent on.
Those who strap on the device, featuring a crystal-clear 1.63-inch screen, can not only find out how late they’re running to the office, but can also be alerted of their incoming text messages (yep, it syncs to your phone!), and can even make phone calls. Now, that’s something to get hung up about. And, if you need to capture a photo on the go, Samsung has you covered, too, by installing a camera to take your snaps. Social-media addicts and fitness buffs alike will flip for its abilities to link to their favorite apps, track their steps, and much more.
If you’re dying to get your hands on this badboy, luckily time is on your side: The watches start shipping on September 25, and can be yours after shelling out $299 big ones. Samsung’s message to Apple? Watch and learn. (Kron 4)
Photo: Via PC Mag

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