Meet The Chicest Portable Speaker Around

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Jawbone
One accessory die-hard music fans flock to and always seem to have peppered around their homes, offices, and studios is the innovative portable speaker by Jawbone. Jambox has no doubt changed the way we integrate tunes into our life, by providing Bluetooth-streamed sound for palatial pads with the Big Jambox or on a smaller scale with the original, customizable iteration.
Well, now Jawbone is really taking portability to the next level and introducing the Mini Jambox — a stylish new device that is about half the size of its predecessor with twice the tune-listening quality. Perfect for impending, sun-drenched picnic days, no?
Not only does this shiny-new machine offer up sound clarity for when you’re on the go (it seriously slips into a clutch or pocket with ease), but it comes it a multitude of colors and styles — think of this rad little speaker more like an accessory to tow around 24/7. And, with campaign images shot by famed fashion photographer Juergen Teller, there’s no denying this is the ultimate design fans' dream device.
But, perhaps two of the coolest additions are the seamless way to stream the Mini Jambox via a new app, where you can link playlists from places like iTunes and Spotify, and the fact that Jawbone tapped L.A.-based designer Killspencer to craft up some pretty sweet personal cases for the device. If you’re half as amped as we are, we suggest pre-ordering one of these $179 babies now. Trust us, your ears will thank you.

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