Our Favorite Friend Is Joining Our Favorite Show

kudrowPhoto: REX USA/Rob Latour
This may be one writer's opinion, but Lisa Kudrow is definitely the best Friend. She did The Comeback, which may be one of the best TV shows of all time, and she is currently doing the dry, dark Web Therapy, which is as hilarious as it is painful. (Also, hello, Romy & Michele.) So to hear that she has recently signed on to appear regularly in Scandal, our favorite nighttime political drama, as a politician (perhaps a Scandalous politician? See what we did there?). We already tune in because, um, Kerry Washington, but now it is also home to Kudrow's return to primetime TV. Hopefully she'll fare better than other Friends alums in their return to the small screen. Either way, we're sure it'll be genius. (Deadline)

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