If You Think You’re Too Old For Selena Gomez, Think Again

We'll admit it: When Selena Gomez first graduated from Disney University, fresh off of Wizards of Waverly Place, we were a bit skeptical. We're constantly bombarded by tween stars, most of whom either fall off the pop-culture radar before we get a chance to blink or turn into, well, the Lindsay Lohans of the world. But, now that we've had a couple of years to digest Justin Bieber's former flame, we're totally eating our words.
Not only is she pretty-darn talented (surpassing Jay Z on Spotify is no small feat), but she's grown into a pretty amazing young woman — smart, confident, and relatively scandal-free. Her beauty and fashion sense aside (way to kill it at the VMAs, girl!), she's a rock-solid role model who's showing us all a thing or two about girl power and the importance of supporting our fellow ladies. Call her the anti-Miley, if you must, but we have a feeling Selena's about to be the next big thing. Sure, she's a little younger than most of us, but that doesn't mean we can't give credit where credit is due.
On the heels of her latest movie release (she's continuing her spate of serious flicks, costarring with Ethan Hawke in Getaway), we're bringing you our favorite Selena Gomez quotes to convince you that teen stars aren't all bubblegum pop. Click through for good feelings and a few good laughs.

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