Matching Outfit Alert: The VMAs Edition

Ah, twinsies. We know how that goes. It's fun to dress alike when you (or, rather, teenagers) plan it, but when you arrive at a live, nationally-broadcasted awards show in the same pants as not only another star, but one of the opposite sex, it can be, well, awkward. Such was the case for Grimes and 2 Chainz, who both showed up in some beyond-fly Versace pants in the brand's typical scarf print.
We have to wonder if they found a quiet corner somewhere to have a showdown. Though, in this case, it's not so bad because it means we get to see that bonkers outfit done two excellent ways. Grimes herself commented on the situation on her blog: "I don't know how or why my life ended up going down this very strange path wherein 2 Chainz and myself wear the same pants, but i am nonetheless extremely entertained." Maybe they can collaborate on a video together in which they wear their matching pants while standing in front of a matching backdrop? And then Grimes can get her lipstick and nails specially done to match, too? Or did we take that too far?

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