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Deep Breath, 32 Is The Age We Morph Into Our Parents

Love your parents? Yes, we're pretty partial to ours, too. But, do we want to turn into them? Not so much — though, apparently, we might not have much of a say in it. A new survey conducted by NetMums.com has revealed that 32 is the age when we turn into our parents; giving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge precisely one year to turn into Carol Middleton and Prince Charles, respectively. Spooky.
The site doesn't reveal how many people they interviewed to come to this rather frightening conclusion, but it goes on to say, "It is at this age when we are most likely to find ourselves echoing our own parent's phrases or mannerisms." The site also revealed to The Mirror that the tell-tale signs of this transformation are "finding estate cars practical" and "realising the bins go out more than you do." Good to know. Do you have any mannerisms or phrases that you know are from your parents? Would it be so bad a thing to turn into one's mommie or daddy dearest? Let us know. (The Mirror)

Photo: Via The Mirror.


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