Clean Up Your Online Presence In One Fell Swoop

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Let’s be real, the wealth of information that's available at just the click of a mouse is jarring. In an instant, a stranger can suddenly know almost every teensy factoid about you: hometown, profession, school, you name it. And, with social media sites flourishing fast, it seems that info is more and more available in web searches.
But, for those Internet introverts who want nothing more than to maintain a discreet online image, there‘s a new app — — that may be the answer to your TMI woes. While being completely inconspicuous in this day and age may be almost impossible, helps make your presence less prevalent by providing links to the account removal process to almost every website out there, and also rates them according to difficulty. With conversations about privacy currently front and center, we don't mind this new way to swipe your slate clean. What do you think of the safety-centric site? Will you sign up? (MSN)