Eye Candy: RPattz Steams It Up For Dior Homme

Dior Homme has really been playing the long game with their ad campaign for their new fall scent featuring Robert "Don't Call Me RPattz" Pattinson — it feels like we've been hearing about this for years.
This morning, though, we were finally bestowed with the gift of images from the making of the campaign — and let's just say they're steamy enough to jolt us out of our Monday-morning fog. The photos are gritty and mysterious, with a definite film noir feel to them. We're not sure exactly what the story is supposed to be, but based on scenes of Pattinson and costar Camille Rowe putting their clothes back on in a large, unfurnished room, we're feeling free to fill in the blanks.
Click through to see what all the fuss is about, then let us know your predictions for the full campaign. (Caution: These photos aren't totally SFW if tastefully silhouetted side boob is frowned upon in your office.)

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