This Woman Had Sex Every Day For A Year

Ruts: We've all been there. And, we're not talking writer's block or hitting a wall at spin class — we mean sexual ruts. Whether you're majorly stressed at work or you're feeling extra self-conscious about your body, it's easy to lose that boudoir spark with your S.O. So, what's an intimacy-starved gal to do? If you're blogger Brittany Gibbons, the answer to all your bedroom problems is to commit to 365 continuous days of lovemaking with your (more than) willing husband.
It may seem shocking, exhausting, and just plain impossible, but luckily Brittany blogged about it all for the Huffington Post. She took on the experiment to try and rekindle intimacy with her husband, and admirably they made it all the way through (relatively) unscathed. She admits it was rough starting off — when you commit to having sex every single day, it's hard not to see it as just another chore on your to-do list. And, of course, there are those times when you really just want to go to sleep without having to go through the motions of hanky panky first. But, after they got back in the groove (literally!), they started connecting again and the nightly romps brought Brittany a kind of peace.
Besides a huge feeling of accomplishment, Brittany finished off the year with a couple of sage lessons on all things relationships. First and foremost, she learned how to deal with all of those pesky body insecurities that plague us all (seriously, even Alessandra Ambrosio has them). Instead of lamenting her flaws and making her husband feel like it was his fault for not complimenting her enough, she found a place of comfort with herself — and, she learned that Confident Brittany has a way better time in the sack. Her other wise words of advice? Invest in sexy panties — it'll make all the difference. While we're not sure we could handle a 365-day sexual undertaking, we can always get on board with a trip to Victoria's Secret. (Huffington Post)
oPhoto: Via Huffington Post

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