Sophia Webster Reveals Her Next Out-There Beauty Collab

Sophia Webster, London's most up-and-coming shoe designer, surprises us again. First, she throws a curve ball with her brand's unique collaboration with Revlon. And, now, her latest venture is with a nail company — Rock Beauty London, to be precise. The brand has joined forces with Webster to create a range of nail-wrap designs that riff on the designer's visual identity, and are available in a cornucopia of pastel shades with polka dots or holographic-sweetie motifs. With prices starting from £7.50, it's definitely a not-to-be-missed opportunity to score a wrap from a designer who is attracting a lot of steam right now. While we can't predict what Webster's next move or collab will be, we're certainly pleased she made this one.

Sophia Webster for Rock Beauty London Designer Nail Wrap, £7.50, available at Rock Beauty London from mid-september.