A Breathalyzer For Your iPhone? Yep, It Exists

breathPhoto: Courtesy of BACtrack
It’s hard to swing a social event these days that doesn’t come complete with a glass (or three) of vino — from brunching to art hopping, there’s no denying that S.F.'ers are gaga for their grapes. And, let’s be real here, after tossing back a few, people are going to find a way to get home — bet it BART, biking, or yes, even getting behind the wheel.
Let’s just get one thing straight here, we don’t condone drinking and driving whatsoever, but can stand behind a device that alerts people when it’s not a-okay to mosey on home in their cars. And that's where BACtrack Mobile comes in. The tiny, $150 breathalyzer syncs with your iPhone’s Bluetooth to let you know if you’re sober enough to drive. This police-grade device is the real-deal, of course, with techie upgrades that make it easy to tote around, share, and ultimately prevent drunk driving. We'll all for scooping this up and throwing it in our pockets before a night out — safety first, people!

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