A Genius Life Hack To Save Your Morning

smoothieslidePhoto: Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.
Up until a few minutes ago, we thought we made a pretty good smoothie. But now we know: We've been doing it wrong. The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess have shared their favorite recipes for smoothies, ranging from raspberry-peach-almond milk to beet juice-and-watermelon. Yes, those ideas are all lovely and inspiring, and we can't wait to make them. But the real gem here is buried at the bottom of the post: smoothie packs! That's right — from now on, we're making our own single-serving freezer bags of smoothie ingredients that we can dump in a blender, add some liquid, and boom! Custom smoothie, minimal effort, and zero wasted produce. We know it's not exactly revolutionary, but we're not ashamed to admit that it never crossed our minds before. Now we know exactly what to do with that leftover banana and the sad little handful of spinach at the bottom of the bag — zip, freeze, and blend. Voila! Your life is now easier. (A Beautiful Mess)

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