Here's What Not To Say To Your Single Friends

1Illustrated by Ly Ngo
We can all agree that there's nothing wrong with being single, right? In fact, we can find some pretty darn awesome aspects of permanent "me time." So, why is it that many unattached ladies — especially those who are in their (gasp!) thirties — feel alienated from, even pitied by their coupled friends? A lot of times, that's caused by insensitive comments we relationship folks inadvertently offer up to our single girlfriends. Luckily, intrepid writer Shani Silver stepped up to the plate over at xoJane to give us all a crash course in exactly which topics to avoid.
Besides the obvious (ahem, do not offer to set up your friends with the only remaining single guy you know), there are some more intricate sentiments we should all watch ourselves with. For instance, doling out unsolicited dating advice or constantly asking your single friends if they're still single can reek of unwanted pity. (News flash: If your single friends start dating, they'll tell you. If they don't tell you, there's a reason!). Shani also advises against gravitating towards man-bashing — sure, it can seem like the best way to comfort your friend in her times of single-ness, but she'll know you're posturing (you're with a man; the jig is up).
And, finally, under no circumstances should you offer to hire said friend a professional matchmaker. Sure, as a coupled-off lady, it can be easy to wish your eternal happiness onto your gal pals, but that basically signals to them that you consider them incapable of finding a mate on their own — and nobody wants that. Want more tips? Head over to xoJane for the full primer on single gal speak. (xoJane)

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