We've Never Loved Jennifer Lawrence More

cover-story-jennifer-lawrence-06_164608318613Photo: Courtesy of Vogue
We all know Jennifer Lawrence rules. And we have all seen her on Vogue's September cover already, looking as fresh faced and down-to-earth as ever. Yet somehow we missed the completely incredible, awe- (and 'aww') inspiring interview, in which Lawrence proves, once again, the more she speaks, the more we like her.
The piece, penned by Jonathan Van Meter, works hard to let us know that Lawrence is a true comedian, with a joke always at hand. Whether it was making fun of herself or Van Meter's tape recorder (“This thing is archaic. Are you going to write this whole thing out longhand, with, like, a pen?") or aptly and intuitively comparing her meteoric rise to fame with her titular character, Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence is just so darn...J. Lawr. (Oh, by the way — she's had that nickname since the seventh grade, she says.)
She also explains why she didn't think she'd work out with Nicholas Hoult: Sponges. He didn't share her values...with the cleaning product. "He would never wring them out. We were in the kitchen once, and I picked up the sponge, and it was soapy and wet, and I was like, ‘See?' These are the kinds of things that make me think we are never going to work.” Another bit of inside info: Her personal assistant is her best friend, which keeps her particularly grounded because while she is doing Hollywood things, she also has to do best-friend things, like talk about ex-boyfriends or give opinions on outfits.
The underlying question in Van Meter's piece is wondering if it is indeed possible to make a career out of being "refreshing"? And, if so, would that lead to a premature burnout? Jen's schedule is hectic, and her work ethic is intense, but she seems absolutely incapable of conforming to Hollywood. She says it best when describing her connection to Katniss: "I had only done indies, and suddenly I was introduced to this brand-new world where I didn’t feel like myself. I was in these weird gowns and listening to people talk about things I didn’t understand. And I remember reading that in the book and being like, 'Oh, my God, I know exactly what this feels like.' I don’t know what it’s like to get ready for your death, but I do know what it’s like to be almost a puppet." But, like Katniss, Jennifer's humanity is still intact — and while she might not be the killing machine that Katniss is, she knows how to work the system just as well as her fictional counterpart does. (Vogue)

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