Finally! Fashion Provides A Solution For Thigh Rubbing

bandelettePhoto: Courtesy of Bandelettes.
Chub rub. Thigh chafing. Whatever you call it, most women, regardless of size, have experienced it. It’s not something to feel bad about, but it can certainly make you feel bad. You can strap on shapewear, glop on anti-chafing gel, constantly reapply lotion, or completely avoid skirts and dresses, but none of those “solutions” are as clean, light, convenient, and sexy as Bandelettes. (And yes, we said sexy.)
Bandelettes are one of those “why didn’t I think of that” solutions, reminiscent of Sara Blakely’s SPANX. Resembling the top band of a thigh-high, Bandelettes comfortably adhere to your thighs with inner silicone strips that prevent shifting while you strut.
At only $14.99, Bandelettes offer an affordable solution to a frustrating problem. Biting back our seething jealousy, we spoke with designer Julia Abasova to find out more about these ingenious creations that will no doubt become the next wardrobe staple for every woman.

What inspired you to create Bandelettes?
"The problem of thigh chafing has been bothering me for the most part of my life, regardless of the size I was, so I was always looking for solutions. One day I was talking to my friend [Rena Abramoff], who is now a business partner, and described her the idea I had for the Bandelettes, never thinking that it can be turned into a real product. To my surprise, my friend didn’t dismiss my idea as crazy talk, but came up with a nice design and offered to realize it in real life. My partner was brave enough to take the initiative of realizing my idea and her design into a real product that can help so many women all over the world. Without her support and belief that this can work, I’d probably still be suffering from the chafing like so many women do. So, you can really say that Bandelettes were created over a cup of tea."

Where did the name come from?
"It’s actually a term for a molding in the form of a ring at the top of a column. We thought this name perfectly describes the product, and it’s easy to pronounce and remember."

Do you have a design background?
"We don’t have a design background. We both actually have an accounting background; although, my partner has been passionate about art since her childhood and created numerous paintings and other pieces of art."


Do you plan to offer larger sizes or longer lengths in the future?
"We are definitely thinking about larger sizes with longer lengths but haven’t started the production since it needs to be tested first."

Will you do any other colors or prints?
"We have a couple of new colors and patterns lined up in our production, so please stay tuned."

Do you have any "chub rub" horror stories?
"My horror chub-rub experience is that every summer I had to dismiss wearing any dresses or skirts in order to not incur any discomfort. So, imagine the horror of not being able to shop for cute dresses of skirts ever because you knew simply you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.
"I guess, I’m 'lucky' in this sense since my 'chub rub' was mostly an inconvenience rather than an experience worth a horror story, but let me tell you one thing, I’m glad we have this product available to prevent the possible horror story episodes."

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