Alex Wang & This Ram Want You To Wear Wool

ALEXWANGMERINOWOOLPhoto: Courtesy of The Woolmark Company.
In the first round of Merino Wool No Finer Feeling campaign images, we see a new kind of spokesmodel at the forefront. We're not only talking about the incomparable Alexander Wang decked out in one of his own hoodies, but also a real-life Merino ram vying for the spotlight.
This ad is only one in a larger campaign meant to show that all the cool fashion kids are into wool. And Wang, who has already included Merino pieces in his fall '13 collection, is serving as the ambassador. Along with the help of this furry friend, the recently released snap is intended to help promote the renewable-fiber material and its use for garments that are soft, durable, and long-lasting.
Of course, we would be remiss not to mention that the one and only Annie Leibovitz is the photographer behind this image of man and beast. And, in a shot that's gorgeous and dark, we admit, it's hard not to sense that it all feels inherently Wang...yes, including the ram. Watch out world, wool is coming.

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