Work It: Tracy Anderson Talks About Her Body Image Struggles

Tracy Anderson makes her success look easy: It appears as if she just aerobic-danced into Hollywood, picked up Gwyneth Paltrow as her best friend, and found ways to make it all extremely profitable. But, as the fitness instructor admitted to Into The Gloss, the road was far from easy.
In the interview, Anderson recounts her own body image issues as a five-foot-tall aspiring dancer in New York City ("By dancers' standards I was fat; by normal standards I was a little chubby," says the entrepreneur). Anderson, like many women, tried every trendy workout out there, from Pilates to step aerobics, with disappointing results. When she finally developed her Method, which involves targeting specific muscles so that a woman's body becomes proportional and toned, rather than bulky, she was surprised to see that her brand of workouts filled a hole in the fitness market.
After years of struggle, the Tracy Anderson Method arrived in LA and became an overnight success — proof that while the road to success may not always be smooth, it's possible to still come out on top in the end. (Into The Gloss)

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