Sorry, But A Lot Of Your Friends Are Lying To You

Tell us, what’s your dress size? Okay, you don’t actually have to tell us out loud, but was the number the real deal, or the version you’d halved, subtracted three, and added a few, thereabouts to get a more “conventional” sounding answer. We’re totally all teeny 8s here, when we’ve done the mental arithmetic. Yup, according to new research, almost half of women lie to their partners, colleagues, and friends about their real dress sizes.
With the U.K. size 12 coming out as the body ideal, only eight percent of participants felt happy with their measurements, whilst a mighty 77% wished they were a size smaller. But, it doesn’t stop there with the waistline; we’re a nation pining after pin-up proportions. 60% of women admitted they boosted their bust size with a little white lie, (a buxom 34DD is the nation’s ideal), along with 78% shrinking their shoe size if they were over a 7. But, why? Does society really judge people on the size of their feet? Anyway, how's it fair for guys that bigger is better, hey? (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Daily Mail.

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