R29's Guide To The Best Bad Movies Ever

Some movies, like Mean Girls, attract a huge cult following. Their entire scripts lace themselves into our vernacular, and sooner or later we begin having full-on conversations in quotes from our favorite scenes. Then, there are the other flicks that you love with a similarly cultish fervor — and yet, you're afraid to admit it to anyone. Because these movies are just awful.
You know what we're talking about. You might not fess up to loving these movies, but we know that there's a special hour of the night (or Sunday morning after one too many drinks) that has you impulsively opening Netflix and searching for that one movie your friends shamelessly judge you (and you judge yourself) for loving. This is something we like to call an awesomely bad movie. If Oscar had eyelashes, he'd hardly bat one at them. But you gave them a chance, and suddenly your secret single-person behavior went from voraciously consuming Little Debbie snacks at midnight in your underwear to watching and contemplating some of cinema's most B-list blandness as if it were Citizen Kane. It's okay, though! Own it. We've gotten some brave R29'ers to fess up their guilty pleasures just in case your favorite bad movie DVD has had one too many spins.

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