Rad Or Bad: Rachel McAdams' New Orange Hair

1Photo: Via Styleite
Rachel McAdams, we love you, but your new 'do is kind of bringing us down. Sure, you're absolutely stunning no matter what (you have to tell us how you get that porcelain skin!), but we're just not sure this fire-orange hue is your most flattering fit. You've been a sultry blonde, a sassy redhead, and even a demure brunette, so we thought you had it down by now.
The actress hit the red carpet this week to promote her new flick About Time, but her latest color change completely stole the spotlight. There's no word yet from McAdams on the thought process behind her drastic new 'do, so we're going to assume it's for a role — possibly she's playing a futuristic bombshell? Either way, as tepid as we are about her mini makeover, it's going to take a lot more than a bad hair day to end our love affair with her. Tell us: Are you feelin' her fiery locks, or are you cringing along with us? (Styleite)

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