Has Britain Got A Problem With Colour AND Class?

First, Britain revealed its drinking habits, then its disastrous lack of community spirit, and now, it’s dishing the dirt on the much more serious issue of social segregation. Recent research shows it’s still a pretty massive problem, here.
With just one in ten Brits having a best friend of different ethnicity, it’s sad to note that racial separation clearly still exists in the U.K. So much so that on the whole, Britons are eight percent more likely to have no best friends at all, rather than one of a different ethnicity — a startling stat given that we're supposedly part of a society that celebrates diversity.
Speaking about findings, Craig Morley, CEO of the study’s host, The Challenge Network, comments, “We rightly celebrate the rich mix of people and culture in this country, but when you dig a little deeper you find that vast numbers are living parallel lives and interacting only with people very similar to themselves.”
The 2,000-person study also explored education and class, and again, the results weren't exactly consistent with the concept of multiculturalism. 99% of adults who went to state school are in friendship groups with those who, you guessed it, also went to state school. It seems to go without saying, but clearly, i’s time to mingle, England. Who’s up for a giant ice-breaker? (The Independent)
Photo: Via The Independent.

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